The General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 8

  • Election Day is November 8 and Early Voting starts on October 12.

  • The Library levy renewal (not a new tax) is on the ballot

  • For every $1 you invest in the Library, $3 in valued services is returned to the community

  • The Library‚Äôs 3.7 mills tax levy is renewed just once every five years

  • The Library levy accounts for 55% of the operational budget: over half of everything you see, use, or participate in at the Library is made possible by Lucas County voters

The Library provides community value and is an excellent steward of public funds.

  • 3 million visitors each year

  • 300,000 active cardholders

  • Rated highest in customer satisfaction in a recent local business survey

  • For every $1 invested in the Library, $3 in valued services is returned to the community

  • Earned the Government Finance Officers Association award for excellence in reporting 27 years in a row!

The issue will allow the Library to continue serving Lucas County in a meaningful way by:

  • Maintaining a robust collection of over 2 million printed books, 700,000 eBook titles, and 190,000 downloadable audiobooks

  • Offering access to technology and the internet for job seekers and people who do not have computers at home

  • Keeping current staffing levels including librarians and technical support specialists who ensure materials are accessible and available

  • Providing special programs for students who are struggling to read or need other academic help, ensuring reading proficiency by the third grade

  • Protecting evening and weekend hours to ensure Library branches are open and accessible to families and residents

When you vote, please vote FOR our Issue because a strong Library means a strong community.

Honorary Committee Members

Christina Rodriguez, Chair

Jaden Jefferson, Youth Chair

Micheal Alexander

Kadee Anstadt

Sheena Barnes

Bob Baxter

Eric Chase

Joe Conda

Judith Conda

Joaquin Citron-Vega

Jason Daniels

Imam Ahmad Deeb

Pete Gerken

Candice Harrison

Mike Hart

Paula Hicks-Hudson

Wendi Huntley

Dennis Johnson

Prakash Karamchandani

Kevin Mullan

Reverend Dr. Willie Perryman

Erin Peterson

Tiffany Preston Whitman

Rob Salem

Bob Savage, Jr.

Erika White

Joe Zielinski